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Parallels For Mac Osx

I had the same issue, as Stephan, with installing Ubuntu 22.04 on a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) M1 Pro with 32 GB RAM. I had the Apple store version 1.7.x (I think it was 1.7.2). Per the advice in the accepted solution above, I removed Parallels from my machine, logged into my account, and re-installed parallels Version 17.1.2 (51548)) after downloading and activating the new install, I followed the advice given above accepted solution and Ubuntu 22.04 is now running as per the accepted solution answer.

Parallels For Mac Osx

UPDATE 5/4/2022Based on a support email I received from, the Apple store version I had installed was parallels desktop and is not the same as the parallel Pro version I purchased on the web site. I was sent the following link for future information, but in a nut shell, I do believe that parallels pro was required in my case.


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