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Learn How to Solve Your Sex Problems with Telugu Swathi Magazine

When you advertise in a magazine, youre asking the person who has paid for the newspaper or magazine to spend time reading what youve written. A time-wasting, unproductive use of their time. We want to reverse that scenario by subverting the notion of what they think advertisements are. Today, when anything goes viral, its almost becoming a marker of sorts to signal that something is valid, says Weisman. But I dont think thats good enough. An old adage in business says, I want to buy your product but I dont want to buy your company. Im thinking: I dont want to buy your product, but I want to be associated with your company. So I can spread the message about the product as its being sold. I dont want it to feel like a commercial and I dont want to feel like Im being pushed to purchase something.

Telugu Swathi Magazine Sex Problems Page

It should be noted that the whole issue of women's health, reproductive rights, sexual health, and human rights has been taken to a different plane by Vanitha magazine, an NRI magazine. The news magazine has also carried stories of sexual violence which is taboo otherwise. After a long time, we women get to share our experiences of sexual violence. The ways it has been suppressed for centuries are also being brought to light. I have also heard of a movie like 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', which was a big hit. This has brought Indian film industry on a different level. Thanks to the women who fought for their rights. #Vijayalakshmi

In the wake of telugu movie war, Vanitha publication has raised the women's health issue and will spearhead in bringing positive change in the society. Eros has also come out with its program to raise the banner of the female sexual freedom movement. I would request the telugu movie fraternity to spread awareness about the problem of female sexual abuse and take action against such acts. Vijayalakshmi Priya


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