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Sweet Curves For The Marine By Piper Anne

Figure 5. Schematic summary of factors influencing sediment transport times in channelized systems. (A) Sediment transport times depend on the fraction of time a grain is in motion versus immobile within the active channel, and the probability of storage outside the active channel. Both, the time in motion and probability of storage, depend on a range of factors, which themselves range between endmembers as indicated in italics. Accordingly, the sediment transport times range from short (dark colors) to long (white colors). Factors that vary greatly with hydraulic grain size fraction are marked in blue, factors that vary less between grain sizes are shown in gray. Green and blue font indicates the locations where these factors apply in the fluvial and marine realm, respectively. (B) Schematic summary of channel evolution terms.

Sweet Curves for the Marine by Piper Anne



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