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Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 4 | Tested

In the United States, Downton Abbey was first broadcast in January 2011 on PBS, as part of the 40th season of Masterpiece.[49] The programme was aired in four 90-minute episodes, controversially requiring PBS to alter the beginning and endpoints of each episode and make other small changes, slightly altering each episode's structure to fit the programme precisely into the allotted running-time.[50][a][b] PBS also added a host (Laura Linney), who introduced each episode, explaining matters such as "the entail" and "Buccaneers"[c] for the benefit of US viewers, which was labelled by some American critics as condescending.[50] PBS editing for broadcasts in the United States continued in the subsequent seasons.[51] The final and sixth season aired in 2016. PBS continued to repeat episodes until 2020, when NBC Universal took over the US broadcasting rights for its streaming service Peacock. The series became available on Netflix in 2021. The series also aired on the E! network in 2022.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 4 | tested

PBS announced today its slate of Winter/Spring 2014 programs, including the long-awaited return of Masterpiece Sherlock Season 3 starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the legendary British sleuth, on Sunday, January 19 at 10 p.m. ET. The highly acclaimed Sherlock follows Season 4 of Downton Abbey, which debuts with eight new episodes January 5 on Masterpiece. The two shows bolster Sunday night as a hallmark of British drama on PBS, whose ratings that night have grown 26 percent (8-11 pm, 2011-12 season: 9/19/2011-9/23/2012 to 2012-13 season: 9/24/2012-9/22/2013) season over season. The schedule also reinforces PBS' move into 10 p.m. programming on several key nights.

Benedict Cumberbatch (The Fifth Estate, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Office (U.K.)) return as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in three new 90-minute episodes - "The Empty Hearse" (January 19), "The Sign of Three" (January 26) and "His Last Vow" (February 2) - of the contemporary reinvention of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic, written and created by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) and Mark Gatiss (Game of Thrones). The Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated Sherlock has been a television sensation since the first season aired in 2010.

More than 200 breakthrough stars bring their stories to life in Season 4 of this Emmy-nominated documentary series. Each episode melds compelling new interviews with irresistible clips to offer a fresh take on TV's biggest celebrities. Featured stars in this season's four new episodes ("Standup to Sitcom," "Doctors and Nurses," "Acting Funny" and "Breaking Barriers") include Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams, Roseanne Barr, Bill Cosby, Tim Allen, Ray Romano, Noah Wyle, Anthony Edwards, Diahann Carroll, Howie Mandel, Bob Newhart and many more.

ITV announced the fourth season will consist of eight episodes premiering in autumn 2013 in the United Kingdom, along with an extended episode that will run on Christmas there. The third season recently concluded there.


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