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After installing the program, run a scan to display a list of the files associated with aaa.exe in the Scan Result screen and remove these files. For information about running scans and removing malware files, see the Exterminate It! Help.


Small-charge or free software applications may come bundled with spyware, adware, or programs like aaa.exe. Sometimes adware is attached to free software to enable the developers to cover the overhead involved in created the software. Spyware frequently piggybacks on free software into your computer to damage it and steal valuable private information.

The use of peer-to-peer (P2P) programs or other applications using a shared network exposes your system to the risk of unwittingly downloading infected files, including malicious programs like aaa.exe.

Say I've got a generic vertical market application and I want to package it as two separate programs aaa.exe and bbb.exe. Is there any way to use the Delphi linker to create an EXE/DLL file that doesn't have the same name as the DPR? 041b061a72


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