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Be prepared for the social world

University of Social Media wants to prepare you for the fast-moving social world of trends and innovation that inspires the traditional education system years in advance

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Why U of SM?

The Social World

Social media has a strong hold on the attention of our world, and its influence is only expected to continue growing. Currently, over 50% of the global population, or 3.97 billion people, are active social media users. Additionally, an overwhelming 92% of businesses utilize social media as a key component of their marketing strategy, highlighting the essential value of having a proficient understanding and ability to navigate on the social platforms

Innovator vs. Informer

Our traditional education system is unable to keep pace with the trends and innovations of today. It takes years for schools to gain the confidence to teach current concepts that are born on social media. Schools inform students of traditional processes and ideas stemming from the past. Our mission is to teach innovative topics to prepare students for the world of tomorrow

Faster, More Affordable, & Just as Important

Similar to social media we strive to provide you with everything you need at the tips of your fingers. Did you know the average student spends over $20,000 in-state and over $35,000 out-of-state to attend college per year? Our step-by-step guides will cover years worth of learnings at a fraction of the price in cost and in time. We can guarantee the skills you attain at U of SM will only compliment those that you learn in the traditional education system. Be balanced and ready for the twists and turns of the real world

Set up for Success

Our goal is not only to provide our students with skills that are designed to be applied today, but also to be of assistance throughout the after-learning process as well. By utilizing our network of partners we are able to serve as a guide for students that seek introductions to connect with relevant and exciting companies. Click on our "careers" tab to see available job postings that our students can apply to immediately after completing prerequisite guides

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