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Buy White Bow Tie

The Carew all-white bow tie is made with crisp goose feathers. A special technique gives this tie a slightly ruffled look, adding interest, depth and dimension. We love this white bow tie for weddings and other formal events.

buy white bow tie


Carew is the counterpart to the all-black Rice. This white feather bow tie is named "Carew" after Carew Rice, a South Carolina artist who used black and white silhouettes to imitate the world around him.

Put on your best black & white formal attire and get ready for an evening with dinner, live music, dancing, and the best auction in Charlotte as we support research programs supporting kids fighting rare cancers.

Simplicity, subtlety, and sophistication are arguably at their highest points in the color white. At the very least, few shades are as immediately evocative of the crispness, cleanliness, and togetherness that defines the men's formal aesthetic.

The all inclusive price includes coat, standard pants, traditional fit shirt, choice of vest, matching tie, matching handkerchief, studs, cuff links, black or white suspenders, classic tie shoes and socks. Price does not include the mandatory $10 damage waiver fee and applicable sales tax.

Considered the most elegant attire of all evening wear and perhaps the most delicate to get right - white tie comes with strict dress code expectancies. Our luxurious tailcoat is exquisitely made for the occasion, available with the entire evening dress outfit.

This baby blessing gift set includes one infant bow tie and one keepsake 4x6 white frame. Bow tie can be removed from frame for baby to wear on his blessing day, and displayed in frame after to remember this special day.

If you have had the honor of being invited to a white tie formal, then your choice of white bowties, though limited by color, will only have material and pattern with which to work. Our wide selection of ties has you covered in this case.

Choose between Solid White, Tapestry, Striped or twill textures like Palermo, Herringbone, Venetian--all attractively designed and priced to move. You might also consider a white bowtie with an all black suit, for a touch of mystery via contrast. Though many so-called "experts" warn against this, the look can be quite captivating. 041b061a72


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