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Summer Dayz

Visit to register! You can also edit dates through your online account. Campers can register for one day, five days or anywhere in between. Registraiton will be open on Monday, March 27, 2023. For questions, please email a Camp Director at or call 281-210-3800.

Summer Dayz

Join LARC's Summer Dayz 5K and enjoy a run or walk along scenic Santa Monica beach and soak up the summer vibes! All participants will receive a medal, post-race snacks, and some surprise swag. LARC is partnering with Marathon Goddess Julie Weiss in fundraising for the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. LARC will donate a portion of each race registration fee to the Hirshberg Foundation. This is a family-friendly fun run that is clock-timed (not chip-timed). It will be a loop course on the beach path.

Thankfully, fans of sausage-themed festivals still have some options, including the upcoming Elston Avenue Sausage and Music Fest on June 25 and 26 or the annual SausageFest Chicago on July 23 and 24. Hot Doug's devotees can also still find much of the restaurant's menu (including duck fat fries) being served at Hot 'G' Dog in Uptown. Alternatively, you can plan your own hot dog day this summer by visiting some of Chicago's best hot dog stands.

My summer of torment started just after graduation. I was looking forward to a summer spent getting paid to tutor some of the kids who were struggling with their grades, and taking it easy hanging out with friends before heading off to college in the Fall. I had always had an easy time with school and was excited for the challenges higher education would bring.

Ian and I were opposites. Only a few months younger than me, he had always been physically superior. Hot headed where I was more rational, he preferred to solve problems with his fists, where I sought to use reason. He had discovered wrestling and football in high school and his physique showed how much effort he put into it. His grades suffered, though, and he was constantly in trouble at school. So he was often not allowed to compete. He had also failed to finish his senior year and had to be held back for summer school and extra semesters next year.

Just then, my mother called us to dinner. The rest of the night was pretty relaxed. We watched a movie after dinner and I decided to try and not worry about what happened earlier. The next couple of days passed without incident and we all settled into a routine. Ian was taking summer school at the school I was tutoring at, but we didn't really see each other during the day. In the evenings he had practice, and I had activities to keep myself occupied. 041b061a72


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