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Fable III - Steam Community

* fix missing in dialog options (camera not responding to options dialog such as options, options ignore, etc, or such as the list of titles in the complete title dialog). in dialogs such as complete title, complete title dialog, add categories, auto select, complete title dialog, file save dialog, add category, or properties, for example, setting the dialog's option cursor to either automatic or manual gives the expected results, but setting it to options gives no change. there are no errors in the logs or debug output. fix known? yes* fix maximize button not working after the game is restarted (with new textures etc) (rl4:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix missing game options in console (e.g., defaults and defaults2). the game will still start up normally, but there is no way to access the game options (no game play, no list of saved games, no 'time to start a new game' options list) (p:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix some occasional locking during game play and save/load (p:gecko, rl4:dazdiggler, rl4:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix restart / restart 2 button not working after game is restarted (p:dazdiggler) [1]* fix patch working with 7-zip (bz2 files are now supported) (rl4:loopyed) [1]* fix various crash fixes: (rl4:kanomitsuji) [1]* don't leave media server screen up after exiting media server (p:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix restart/restart 2 button not working after game is restarted (p:loopyed, rl4:kanomitsuji) [1]* pre-load default options file, just in case the game checksum matches any new options (p:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix save loading with 1 player at startup (p:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix possible crash during game progress (rl4:gecko) [1]* fix crash when closing the console in the game area (rl4:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix weird game startup/save loading bug, with no background or any ui (p:kanomitsuji) [1]* fix game not creating ingame folder for save files (p:loopyed) [1]* fix crash after game is restarted by no_save command (rl4:kanomitsuji) [1]* restore auth.

Fable 3 patch 19

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