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What We Did On Our Holiday(2014)

Lottie returns to the house to tell the adults, leaving her siblings with Gordie's body. However, when she arrives she sees them all arguing, Abi telling Doug she is seeing someone else and will be moving the children to Newcastle, and Gavin with his family over what Gordie wants for his birthday, Lottie returns to the beach without telling them. Fulfilling Gordie's last wish, the three children create an improvised raft and using petrol from Gordie's pickup, send him out to sea aflame, "Viking" style.

What We Did on Our Holiday(2014)

The children return home and tell the adults what has happened. The adults are horrified, and Doug and Gavin head to the beach, where they find Gordie's pick-up truck partially submerged by the high tide; Gavin breaks down in Doug's arms. Abi and Margaret break the news of Gordie's death to the party guests, and word quickly gets out about what the children did. The police arrive to investigate, accompanied by social services worker Agnes Chisholm (Celia Imrie), who interviews the children about their actions, and after speaking with Lottie she contemplates removing them from Doug and Abi's care. The press descends on the house, with Lottie, Jess and Mickey's actions making headlines worldwide.

While using Gavin and Margaret's son Kenneth's (Lewis Davie) computer, Mickey and Jess accidentally stumble upon a video of Gavin's wife Margaret attacking a fellow shopper at a supermarket as a result of depression. Gavin also sees it, having been previously unaware of his wife's issues. After the press paints the children's actions as depraved, Doug and Abi make a statement to the press that what their children did was not malicious, and that they support the children's efforts to honour their grandfather, however misguided it may seem; seeing the support the children receive, Chisholm ends her investigation, leaving the children with their parents. 041b061a72


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