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Reasons To Buy A Drone

You see your home nearly every day, but have you ever seen what your home looks like from above? Probably not, and this is the huge appeal of drones to many. As they open the door to the world around us, rarely seen by anyone. This unique perspective makes for fantastic photographs that will take your breath away and shine a whole new light on the ordinary things around us. Surely one of the best reasons to buy a drone and of the best aerial camera drones is the Phantom 4 Pro, which was used to take this picture.

reasons to buy a drone

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Droning has a passionate community full of helpful people from beginners to experts who are happy to discuss and share their experiences with one another. There are many large internet communities based around drones where users swap tips and help one another to improve their flying, photography and photo editing skills. DJI, of course, has its own well-populated forums as well as Facebook groups for you guys to talk shop in.

Having a drone can help you to socialize as it encourages you to get out of the house and go somewhere interesting to get some cool photos. When out and about flying your drone it often attracts other people to come over and ask you about it. Kind of similar to owning a dog, but much less trouble.

A drone opens up a whole new world of photography options, which were previously not possible without finding another way to get airborne. Some of the models now available such as the Mavic Air and Mavic Spark are also incredibly small, light and portable, which make them easy to take with you on trips. They also come with well-designed software, a camera with built-in stabilisation and many other top features.

The market for consumer drones is still growing at a rapid pace. Going into 2017, the market was projected to hit nearly $1 billion in sales. By the end of 2019 that number is expected to soar well over $1 billion.

There are many drone companies and projects being launched that will aim to improve the way farms operate. Such projects and companies will seek to determine things like the health of crops, whether or not crops are getting enough water, how much pesticide to apply and where to apply it, and the best times for harvesting.

Perhaps the best reason to get a drone is, simply, because they are a lot of fun. Even with the FAA rolling out new consumer-oriented regulations that limit what you can do with a drone, drones are still a lot of fun to fly.

Many drones now are controlled partially through a mobile app on your phone or tablet. For instance, the DJI Phantom 3 series comes with their transmitter, which has the standard control features, and then you also need to connect your smartphone or tablet to the transmitter and use their app for the rest of the flying features they offer.

Believe it or not, drone racing is already a thing and a national drone racing championship has already been established. Basically, drone racing is very similar to playing a competitive eSports video game where all of the contestants sit side-by-side and race their drones.

In fact, the Tennessee Titans recently became one of the first professional sports team to receive an FAA 333 Exemption so that they could use drones for commercial purposes. It appears as if they will use their drones to take a wide array of aerial footage of their team practicing during pre-season mini camps.

The GoPro Karma was originally thought to be one of the best options for drone photography because they already had such a good reputation for their extreme sports cameras and it seemed like a logical jump to start getting into drones. Unfortunately, they have left the drone market, citing tough competition from other expert drone manufacturers.

This feature is not only good for personal use either, many businesses are starting to use drones because of their photographic capabilities. Wedding photographers, for example, will often use drone photography to capture a big group shot of all of the guests. Real estate companies use them to get better exterior shots of their properties too.

Buying a drone is absolutely worth it if you are looking for a fun new hobby. A cheap starter drone is the best choice if you just want to experience the thrill of flying. Buying a drone is also worth it for avid photographers and videographers who want a new edge, even if it means springing for a more expensive camera drone.

For those looking for the fun of the flying hobby and the technology side of things, a good starter drone well worth the money is something like the Tello, which is also programmable. It flies well, performs tricks, and allows room for those who like to tinker.

For photography or videography enthusiasts, whether as a hobby or for a profession, a drone makes a lot of sense as an investment. Most consumer drones worth their salt these days are equipped with high-quality cameras, and indeed, the biggest draw of drones is their ability to take aerial imagery. But to get the most out of a camera drone, you really have to know your way around a camera.

For those looking to get into photography as a serious hobby, the place to start is with a DSLR camera. Learn the ropes there, and then move on to aerial photography. Starting with a drone with photography as the goal is like learning to ride a bike by starting out with a unicycle. Much trickier!

In general, you can expect to spend around $100-$250 on a decent beginner level hobby drone with mediocre camera quality, while a decent amateur level camera drone will range from $500-$800. For serious photographers, expect to pay in the $900-$1,500 range for a drone with a high quality camera.

A drone license is required for anyone wanting to fly a drone for profit. This means that if your drone flying is going to benefit you or your business in any way, directly or indirectly, the FAA requires that you have a Remote Pilot Certificate, popularly known as a Part 107 license.

For travelers or hobbyists who want some cool shots from unique perspectives, and the art of photography is secondary, a drone is the way to go. They provide flight assistance and smart features to help you get some great shots that you would never be able to get with a standard point-and-shoot consumer camera.

The best time to buy a drone is when you need it or plan to use it. If you need one now, buy one now. In general, the prices of drones hold fairly steady throughout the year, and even over the course of several years, especially in the case of higher-end drones such as DJI.

You might get lucky enough to find some special deals on all kinds of drones, including some DJI drone models around hot sales dates like Black Friday, so definitely keep your eyes open for those before purchasing.

If you need or want a drone now, the best plan is to shop around for deals, compare different brands and models, and find the best deal that you can get, without getting stuck on one particular type of drone.

The potential to recoup your outlay: While the popularity of drones has undoubtedly increased in recent years, they remain a relatively exclusive product compared to traditional camera or video camera technology. As a result, if you develop your flying skills sufficiently, you might pick up work filming video for use in advertising, precision mapping, inspecting structures, and more.

These days everything comes pre-assembled and sanitized, and many kids lack the practical skills that their fathers take for granted. Can your kid build a spice rack as well as you can? If the answer is no, then drones are a great way to develop hands-on skills. Many manufacturers offer custom-build kits, meaning that as well as learning to fly, kids can discover all the clever engineering and technical stuff, too.

The consumer drone market is worth a reported $1bn and set rise to over $4bn by 2024. With drones fitted with cameras being hugely popular, aerial photography as a hobby and for commercial reasons is a huge driving factor behind this growth.

Many of the high-end drones are compatible with VR headsets. This will give you a more immersive flying experience, letting you see the world from new angles and heights. All VR headsets have two HD screens so picture quality is of the highest standard and they offer wide angle field of view so nothing is missed. Some drones allow for two headsets to be connected so you can enjoy the experience with friends and family.

Yes, you can race for fun with friends and family or you can now race in professional leagues that reward you handsomely should you win. Drone racing requires a bit more skill than your average drone operators, as you will be moving at speeds of over 50kmh without the aid of obstacle avoidance technology that comes with most high-end drones. Drone racing is done via your controller if it has FPV capability, smartphone/tablet or a VR headset. VR headsets are usually used by those racing in professional leagues and they are quite expensive to purchase. Drones for racing are usually modified by their users for extra speed and stability and many times pro races will build one themselves.

Drones can be used for surveillance of large areas of land, the advantage drones have is that they now come with UHD cameras and sensors which can detect movement and record high-quality footage. The problem is that consumer drones are not equipped with long-lasting batteries, you will only be able to survey your area for around 30 minutes. With technology advancing extremely quickly, I expect this to change and there will be drones made specifically for security purposes.

Even the cheap drones that have little stabilising technology are getting easier to fly. With most drones now come with advanced 6 axis gyroscopes, even a beginner would have little trouble flying these robots. The more expensive drones now come with GPS, obstacle avoidance systems and intelligent modes, all these features make drones easier and more fun to pilot. Many drones like the Phantom 4 Pro can even be controlled through hand gestures. As technology advances, drones will only get easier and more fun to fly. Even if you a complete newbie, there are tons of resources on the web that provide guidance to safe flying Here is my article on a beginner guide to flying a drone. 041b061a72


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